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Our Development & Technology are Truly Made in India.

Robsync was incorporated in 26th October 2020, by Robsync Team. Our development and technology are truly Made in India.

Robsync is a brand with a passion to develop, design and manufacture IoT products that offer solutions which are beyond smart. The primary vision of our founders is to seamlessly adapt to your living and working environment and provide you with a unified smart IoT system, the whole home/industrial automation, intelligent power control and appliance controls, security with an added advantage of intelligent smart view through camera and so much more at the comfort of just your phone or work desk, in a simple, flexible and convenient mode.

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Smart Home Brand


We have channelled years of research and rigorous testing procedures into product development. To fulfil our mission, i.e., to deliver you the perfect peace of mind, we work extensively through various platforms to increase the awareness about our products and services. Our work method is based on the core values of our business, maintaining the quality of our products, and putting the customer and their convenience first.


Our mission is to provide high quality, reliable and affordable Intelligent products to control and secure your home/workplace with minimal human effort. We aim to cater your needs in the most sophisticated manner to ensure that safety of your home is in right hands and you can have the perfect peace of mind.

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Teamwork makes the dream work.

A right place for the right solution.

Our Smart IoT solutions leverage the power of connected devices to enhance efficiency, automate processes, and improve the overall customer experience.