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No, need to purchase your existing switches will work the same way as they used to after the connection of those switches as per our circuit diagram.

Yes, it will work since it works as two way switching.

Yes, you can use but this will work on your local network.

Yes, you can use as per your device and model configuration

You can set port number 1 as special port for PIN based switching, and you can give access to any of your friends or relative with the help of sub user.

No worry each device built with your user ID and will get linked automatically to your user id you just need to assign the area/ sub area and appliances name.

This will depend on the number of appliances you need to automate. Go through our package plan selection.

For faster response you need a minimum of 512 Kbps stable internet connectivity and at least a 3G speed internet connection. This will ensure an almost zero lag response time, uninterrupted and optimum use of IPMS products

No, you don’t need, you can control the switching through the web/App from anywhere in the world; as long as you have an active internet connection near to IPMS device.

You can ask us to install or by yourself or with the help of Electrician as per our circuit drawing and then you need to simply connect IPMS device to your Wi-Fi and follow the Login procedure.

For a more detailed instruction on installation, check our installation manual available with the product.

We don’t need much from you. Please use our installation and user manual.

No, it works with the existing wiring inside/outside the switchboard just use safe and correct specification of wires.

Online control basically means that you access device from anywhere across the world. However, both your phone/web portal and the IPMS devices should have an active internet connection.

The state of appliances stays the same, i.e. If the lights were on, they will stay on, if they were off, they will stay off. IPMS stores the last switching state appliance in its memory and will display it exactly as left before the power failure.

You can schedule appliances switching individually/grouped. For example, you can set time schedule the AC to turn ON at 10:00pm in the night and turn OFF at 04:00am.

Yes, refer to our web site for more details

Download Robsync App on App store, Google Play, or Scan the QR code on the User Manual and install it.

You can configure as many sub users defined and allocated to admin user.

All IPMS Device work with your secure login credential which you received at the time of user registration; hence you can only change the password not UserID and you can create or change UserID and password for your sub user.

You can configure an appliance in configuration tab as per instruction in user manual.

Yes, you can edit/delete a name of Area, Subarea and Appliances through App/Web portal as per instruction in user manual.

Yes, you can edit/delete a name of Area, Subarea and Appliances through App/Web portal as per instruction in user manual.

You can simply mail us or Call Our Sales representative. – +91 9953-478-028

You can connect as per product specification from to 600W to 2000-watt load in each port of the IPMS device.

We can integrate our/your IP camera with our product by simply insert an IP address of camera and login credential along with our streaming path.

After setup appliances data, you can see display graph on dashboard or simply download a Power Consumption report in pdf format.

Device ID is a unique serial no. mentioned on a IPMS device.

You can reset password by you self by clicking forget link or email to us you will get an email with new password on your registered email id.

Open the WIFI setting and you will see your device hotspot ID, A setup page will open now Just click and input your WIFI credential and save it.