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Our products are Designed and Developed in our R&D Lab and are solely Made in India. Our solutions offer the broadest set of offering that are competitively positioned relative to global brands. The Robsync system of equipment and programming is designed to enable working scales that range from individual homes to entire office.


In order to enhance the smart life experience of users, Robsync provides a smart home solution which will interface all the useful components of your home/industry to a network (Internet) and putting it to work for you. You will now be able to control, monitor, and track your home/office from anywhere and anyplace in the world, only just by using your cell phone, PC, or tablet gadget. This solution includes 7 smart systems: Smart access control, intelligent security with an added advantage of smart view through camera, appliances control, schedules, smart user control, smart grouping and intelligent power control.

Smart Access Control

You no longer must reach out to switchboards or operate a dozen remotes to get things done. You can now control everything in your home through your smartphone or by just using your voice.

Intelligent Security

You can keep a tab on your home/office, even while you are away with intelligent smart camera that provides round-the-clock monitoring. The cameras can be installed standalone (wireless cameras) or can be configured to secure a covered area.

Appliances Control

You can easily check and monitor all your home/office electrical appliances over your smartphone PC, or tablet gadget. Control the devices at convenience and ease.


You can now easily schedule all devices that are part of the home automation system, such as your lights, fans, air conditioners to turn ON or OFF at specific times. Such schedules can help conserve energy and provide convenience

Smart User Control

You can allocate each Device, Area, Subarea and Appliances to other sub-users by simply creating an account for that particular sub-user and giving them the access.

Smart Grouping

You can now combine or group your appliances and switches by scheduling them to turn ON or OFF at specific times.

Intelligent Power Control

You can use the power of technology to save money. Our intelligent power management system gives you insights into how much energy you are consuming and how you can save by creating personalized schedules. You will get complete and detailed analysis about the energy usage patterns by each of your home electrical appliances.