Case Study


Increase in electricity consumption due to non-availability of power consumption data and unawareness about the areas/locations consuming more power in different area.

THE GOAL: 15~20 % Cost saving on Electricity Bills.

Sources of saving energy/power consumption

Breaks in between production

Employees can take breaks in between production and industry let the appliances running during this time which consumes unwanted power.

Lunch/Dinner break

It is found that industry let appliances running even when employees take time off for lunch and dinner because turning “ON” and “OFF” desired appliances from a particular place is a challenge.


Canteen’s appliances should be “ON” only at the time when employees are there, it is found that canteen’s appliances are running all the time.

Sign in and out

At the time of coming to industry and signing off, it takes time to turn ON and OFF appliances and sometimes employee forget to switch OFF appliances.


Sometimes employees know that particular appliances are needed to be switched “OFF” but due to laziness they let them run and end up forgetting about it.

Slip through mind

Sometimes employees really forget about appliances which are unnecessarily running due to workload or any other reason.

The Solution

This situation can be overcome by reduction in energy consumption by suitable tools, management, and recorded data at disposal.

The benefits

Calculation Explanation

In a particular department in industry, usage of normal loads e.g. fans, tube lights, bulbs, PCs and ACs etc were observed.

There were 60 tube lights, 30 bulbs, 40 fans, 15 ACs, 20 PCs in that particular department.

Average wattage consumption per hour of said appliances are:

Considering all appliances were running 24 hours in a day and employees working in different shifts.

Total wattage/power consumption of said appliances are:

960W*60 Tube lights + 360W*30 Bulbs + 1800W*40 Fans + 4800W*20 PCs + 36unit/day*15 ACs.

Total power consumption in particular department in industry per day= 780 KWH

Saving power consumption

Let us say 15 minutes of break to be provided in every 2 hours So, in 24 hours total of 3 hours break was given, in this particular time appliances should be turned “OFF”


Total of around 140 units were saved that means 140 KWH of power consumption.


SAVING % = 18 %/MONTH (42,000 /2,34,000) X 100=17.94 %